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My name is Neakron, i've been playing LoL since season 2, have gotten master+ elo on many accounts before and challenger on my own. Have played semi pro scene earlier as a top laner and ADC, though im able to play well on midlane and jungle roles too. WIll be glad to assist you in any possible way i can!:).
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Champion Statistics
ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Jax84 9,95 6,3 4,26 2,26 157,18 / game 76,19%
Soraka7 0,57 6,86 11,14 1,71 16,71 / game 57,14%
Renekton5 9,6 9,0 8,0 1,96 171,8 / game 40,0%
Qiyana3 17,0 8,0 6,67 2,96 149,0 / game 66,67%
Ezreal2 3,5 7,0 5,0 1,21 97,5 / game 0,0%
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€ 25 / h
2 Hour(s)
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€ 50
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Neakron
23 nov. 2022
Iron II to Iron I
Ordered a
Ordered a duo boost from iron 3 to iron 2 with premium coaching. Gave me really good tips and learned actually a lot. He also has a amazing and a insanely impressive playstyle and made a lot of kills. Highly recommand this booster it was an honor to play with him!
13 nov. 2022
Diamond II to Master
Did a
Did a wonderful job at making games stress free. I have gotten other boosters and they just struggled or int. Highly recommend
10 nov. 2022
2 wins in Platinum IV
cool and
cool and chill games !:) with a super jax !
9 nov. 2022
1 wins in Gold IV
I am impressed
I am impressed
7 nov. 2022
Gold I to Platinum IV
Made an
Made an impact in the games played and actually carried
31 okt. 2022
3 wins in Platinum III
I got
I got funny moments with him . Not tilting etc , it's a cool person who deserve more :)
26 okt. 2022
1 wins in Diamond I
17 okt. 2022
10 Placement matches Master I
Very friendly
Very friendly and fast boost. His Jax is 10/10
6 okt. 2022
League of Legends account
So nice
So nice
6 okt. 2022
Diamond III to Master
Consistent, good, fast.
Consistent, good, fast.
29 sep. 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
I love Neakron
I love Neakron
27 sep. 2022
Platinum IV to Platinum I
Really good
Really good and fun to play with, smurfed on everyone A+
4 aug. 2022
10 Placement matches Diamond IV
Very professional
Very professional and friendly. Extremely helpful and good at the game.
24 jun. 2022
Silver I to Gold I
So talented
So talented
4 jun. 2022
1 wins in Platinum IV
21 mei 2022
3 Normal games
16 mei 2022
Promotion from Platinum I
fast efficient
fast efficient punctual I recommend it
12 mei 2022
2 wins in Platinum I
Nice and kind
Nice and kind
28 apr. 2022
Platinum IV to Platinum III
god tier,
god tier, actually gave good tips, very professional, and I cant ask for better. Very polite, and truly was insane at the game! I recommend him to anyone at any rank!
24 apr. 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
very nice
very nice and skilled, speaks good english !! we didn't lose a single game :D
18 apr. 2022
Platinum II to Platinum I
Awesome guy,
Awesome guy, great player
15 apr. 2022
Silver II to Gold II
super chill
super chill and nice! had some fun games and i enjoyed playing with him!! 100% recommend
14 apr. 2022
Tier 5 to Tier 6
Very fast
Very fast and friendly. Very recommended!
9 apr. 2022
Diamond IV to Diamond III