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Hi! My name is Carrey and Im professional booster since 4 years. Mostly playing on EUW, but i can do NA too and rest of european servers ofc. My main role is jungle and my favourite junglers are hecarim/karthus. Im One of the best boosters you can ever get. Extremely friendly, able to give you advices in game, able to set up his schedule up to you and much more!. Read more
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booster rating 4,81
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Lulu226 3,85 4,2 20,21 5,73 11,55 / game 95,13%
Yone147 14,67 5,22 3,89 3,55 167,41 / game 94,56%
Jax92 15,46 5,26 2,97 3,5 156,79 / game 90,22%
Diana55 10,65 3,82 5,91 4,34 143,24 / game 98,18%
Tristana40 13,3 4,95 4,18 3,53 137,18 / game 87,5%
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€ 50 / h
2 Hour(s)
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€ 100
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Genuine customer feedbacks about carrey
25 sep. 2022
10K Mastery Points
Very nice!
Very nice!
24 sep. 2022
Iron II to Bronze IV
Really good
Really good and fast
23 sep. 2022
Bronze I to Silver I
Excellent and fast
Excellent and fast
21 sep. 2022
Bronze I to Silver II
Carrey is
Carrey is a great player and easy to communicate with. However, only one-fourth of the games were played in the desired role. Furthermore, there was repeating trouble with the offline mode. All in all, a good booster, yet maybe not for the adc mains out there.
17 sep. 2022
Bronze IV to Bronze I
He was
He was godd
5 sep. 2022
2 wins in Bronze IV
Excellent booster!
Excellent booster! Great advice!
4 sep. 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
Good booster,
Good booster, did well strong performance
26 aug. 2022
Silver IV to Silver II
n excellent
n excellent booster with incredible talent, fast and professional. He is one of the best i have played with and i will call on him for my next orders
23 aug. 2022
Bronze III to Gold IV
Awesome guy,
Awesome guy, very helpful and incredibly positive. Now let's talk about FLEXIBILITY!!! You guys were incredibly understanding and open about schedules. I was blown away by how cool and open my booster was. Whatever you guys are paying him GIVE HIM MORE. Not only will i reccommend you guys to my friends, but I personally will be purchasing from you gentlemen in the future. To end it off i have to say one last time how incredible my booster was, I own businesses personally and I know a winner when i meet one. This guy (my booster) is going places! Thank you!
22 aug. 2022
3 wins in Silver I
22 aug. 2022
5 wins in Silver IV
El mejor
El mejor yone cortafiambre de toda EUW
20 aug. 2022
3 wins in Silver IV
de locos
de locos un crack muy muy bueno y super amable, Recomiendo 100%
8 aug. 2022
Tier 4 to Tier 7
Great booster.
Great booster. They let me understand the situation and difficulty of completing the order but they got it done in the end.
1 aug. 2022
Silver III to Silver I
Did great, thanks!
Did great, thanks!
21 jul. 2022
Bronze II to Silver IV
Very pro,
Very pro, I highly recommend.
20 jul. 2022
Bronze I to Silver IV
Fast and efficient
Fast and efficient
19 jul. 2022
Silver III to Gold IV
Very kind
Very kind and professional
18 jul. 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Very good,
Very good, very pro
13 jul. 2022
Bronze II to Silver IV
Great player
Great player and very nice. Was a bit hard with scheduling at times but it wasn't a big deal.
11 jul. 2022
Silver II to Silver I
very serious
very serious and attentive!
8 jul. 2022
Bronze I to Gold II
Really nice
Really nice and skilled player, it was done quickly, I highly recommand
7 jul. 2022
Silver III to Gold IV
Super friendly
Super friendly and super fast ,would100% recommand
2 jul. 2022
Silver IV to Silver III
Très bon
Très bon booster
4 mei 2022
Bronze II to Silver IV
Very nice
Very nice guy, who done it in an insane short time!