booster rating 4,7 (24)
I can play all role but top/adc better,try and feel.
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booster rating 4,71
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24 reviews
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Champion Statistics
ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Tristana86 12,93 6,31 4,95 2,83 193,31 / game 86,05%
Kindred46 14,09 6,3 7,65 3,45 165,72 / game 86,96%
Sylas37 11,14 5,27 7,49 3,53 141,7 / game 86,49%
Diana29 12,0 4,45 5,55 3,95 189,31 / game 82,76%
MonkeyKing8 8,63 5,25 6,75 2,93 148,0 / game 62,5%
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Genuine customer feedbacks about 1tachi
18 mrt. 2023
Platinum I to Diamond IV
1tachi was
1tachi was good.. but that Neakron was bad and anti-social and poor communication.Neakron wasted 7 hours of my time winning and losing very irritated. But I like 1tachi enough to give 5 star even tho I wanna give -10
17 mrt. 2023
1 wins in Gold IV
Stayed cool
Stayed cool and hard carried through 0/20 team. Great roaming, fast finish
15 mrt. 2023
Gold I to Platinum IV
14 mrt. 2023
Gold IV to Gold II
Really chill,
Really chill, gets the job done quick and efficiently.
11 mrt. 2023
Bronze I to Silver III
Great Communication
Great Communication and very efficient, will use the booster again
7 mrt. 2023
Promotion from Platinum I
so good
so good lovely to play with, play lulu mid kindred jg funnel <3
6 mrt. 2023
Silver II to Gold IV
Great guy
Great guy
4 mrt. 2023
10 Placement matches Platinum IV
Awesome booster,
Awesome booster, was quick and did a great job
1 mrt. 2023
1 wins in Gold III
i asked
i asked for 2 mid wins and he proceeded to play jungle and then go 5-13 in a mid game.
1 mrt. 2023
Gold I to Platinum IV
The booster
The booster was great and chill. Wasn’t very communicative but it’s alright. I can be a bit of that sometimes.
25 feb. 2023
Bronze I to Gold III
Fantastic customer
Fantastic customer service. REspectful and on point. appreciate the work
21 feb. 2023
10 Placement matches Gold I
Great game
Great game play, quick to respond. won 7 placements but carried all games
12 feb. 2023
10 Placement matches Silver I
Very good.
Very good. Lost 2 but it wasnt the fault of booster. Was a 1v9.....
7 feb. 2023
5 Placement matches Unranked
very good!
very good!
2 apr. 2021
Gold III to Gold II
2 apr. 2021
Silver II to Gold IV
2 nov. 2020
Diamond III to Diamond II
my last
my last booster was good, ranked up fast and clean. But previous boosters didn't finish the order even though the set time have ran out.
18 jun. 2020
Master to Master
My booster
My booster was kind and very fast.
2 jun. 2020
4 wins in Diamond I
all good
all good
24 mei 2020
Diamond III to Diamond II
Great and
Great and fast service. Very friendly
29 apr. 2020
Diamond II to Diamond I
first one
first one very bad second one very good
21 apr. 2020
Diamond III to Diamond II
good and fast
good and fast
6 apr. 2020
Gold II to Platinum IV
Booster was
Booster was very friendly and did a great job with my order, I am thankful.
4 apr. 2020
Platinum I to Diamond IV
Fast and good
Fast and good